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William Myers is dedicated to the pursuit of providing the best in out door education and products for your outdoor adventures. William has devoted a large portion of his life to both modern and primitive skills. He takes his roll as a outdoor educator very seriously quoting safety with every lesson. William especially  enjoys teaching youths the skills that he has developed over the years of hiking, trekking, camping,  hunting and fishing. Mr. Myers specialty is plant lore but believes in being well rounded with his skills. Any chance that he gets he is in the wood working on his own skill in bush-craft and general woodsman-ship. William is a student of history especially the 18th century. When he is not in the woods or with his family he can be found in his favorite chair reading books from such authors as George w. Sears, Horace Sowers Kephar, Joseph  Doddridge, and Mark Baker. William will forever be in the pursuit of  regaining the tribal knowledge that was commonly handed down from member to member.

William is a happily married father of 7 (6 sons and 1 daughter). He is dedicated to their education both in the woods and in the classroom.  William includes his family in all that he can from his outdoor classes to his YouTube videos. William firmly believes that the children of today are the woodsman of tomorrow so a lot of his attention is focused on youths. Passing down the knowledge that William has gathered throughout his years will always be his life long goal…… 

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  1. I just ordered your candle-making kit and a brick of beeswax. Watched your video and hope to start making my own. I have two single UCOs and their Candleier 3-candle model.

    I’m now in NoIndiana, but the family and I were in NE Minnesota for almost 10 years. We contemplated being off-grid — lots of people up there doing it — but the wife wasn’t so hardy. Instead, she got very good at gardening and community-building, and I wrote 19th century poetry and Tolkien-esque books.

    My latest project is to go off-line. Yeah, I’m on-line for this order and message (tablet), but I plan on only checking email once per week. Otherwise, I’m trying to recreate the 19th century — at least mentally. I will only communicate with pen&ink and, thus, am trying to create a list of “pen-pals.” Here’s my address:

    Lawrence von Bottorff
    PO Box 985
    Goshen, IN 46526

    If privacy is more important, cool. No problem. But in general I think screens are rotting our brains and the modern world is turning into zombies. I want to stay totally away from modern media (screens, recorded music, etc) for at least a year. That means just books (nothing later than 1850) and live music. Originally, I wanted this to be a “guerrilla theater” project, i.e., I’d don early 19th century garb and play-act 24/7 a character from that time — as much as I could. But first your candles and pen&ink! Drop me a letter or post card. I want to re-humanize this world — starting with me!

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